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SEA Global delivers projects and specialist engineering by merging deep expertise with pioneering engineering automation. Get rapid insights to optimise asset integrity and assure project delivery.

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Choose a specialist engineering consultancy with proven expertise and advanced technology. Whether planning, constructing or operating, our dynamic ways of working deliver insight and certainty to all asset decisions.

Project Delivery

We’re your team for frictionless project delivery, from early-phase studies through to construction and commissioning support. Rely on SEA Global for schedule, cost, package and contract management to ensure project objectives are achieved.

Specialist Engineering

SEA Global combines wide-ranging expertise with automated engineering analysis techniques to discover insights and develop practical solutions for complex infrastructure challenges.

Floating Storage and Regasification Unit Jetty

Facility designed, built and commissioned in 6 months.

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Baltic Pipe Project

A strategic gas infrastructure project in the European market, using a 275 km long 36” pipeline.

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Operations and Integrity Management Excellence

Thousands of kilometres of subsea assets under management.

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Connecting human ingenuity and automation technology.

Our ICE Platform enables engineering analysis to be performed at speed and scale to optimise outcomes across the entire project lifecycle.

Early Concept

Optimised workflow processes
SEA Global engineers use a holistic, systematic approach to collaborate across all engineering disciplines to develop early insights for key decisions.

FEED & Detailed Design

Detailed analysis and holistic optimisation
Our expertise combined with the ICE Platform enables us to rapidly understand complex systems in unprecedented detail, and make fully informed project decisions fast.

Operations Support

Digital twins to manage assets
Our team uses digital representations of your asset to leverage detailed operations data, optimise asset operations, and assure future performance.

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Engineering, unparalleled.

Make our team of engineers part of your team.

Work with the experts in project delivery and engineering consultancy. Our people and processes shape better outcomes, quickly provide elegant solutions to design challenges, and extend the life of various industrial assets. Use our approach to gain insight for your asset, realise opportunities, challenge design constraints and reduce cost and risk.

About us
ICE Platform

Engineering at the speed of insight.

The ICE Platform is proprietary engineering automation software developed by SEA Global. It is relied upon to rapidly evaluate scenarios around complex engineering endeavours.

Enhanced Confidence

Understand the landscape of possible options before deciding on the way forward. The ICE Platform is able to calculate the interactions of countless variables through the full asset lifecycle, adding confidence and certainty to all decisions.

Deeper Understanding

Get complete clarity about what exactly moves the needle and by how much. Chaining together multiple engineering workflows produces multiple potential solutions, reveals unseen dependencies while unlocking insights about trends, sensitivities and opportunities.

Faster Reactions

Changes that would otherwise upend the project schedule for weeks can be dealt with in days — or sometimes hours. Automation workflows compress the time needed to get from inspection data to a precise, actionable insight; without the need to make estimations or take shortcuts to an approximate answer.

Broader Vision

Engineering automation enables multiple what-if scenarios to be rapidly analysed in advance, and vastly increases the scope and scale of what can be reasonably anticipated. Simulate a wider range of potential scenarios, and understand them in depth long before key design decisions are made.

Accelerated Insight

Gain insights that are usually only revealed in the final stages of design to make decisions in the earliest phases of a project. Reduce design risk by starting with the options that have been shown to work best, rather than the ones that seem the most likely to work.

Know Your Limits

The ICE Platform allows engineers to efficiently re-run the existing workflow to account for new developments, constraints or changes in input data. Because changes can be assessed quickly, fewer conservative estimations are needed and CAPEX savings can be realised.

Unleash Your Talent

With ICE Platform automation accelerating analysis, our clients are able to unlock more value from their experts. Subject matter experts and other stakeholders can become part of early decisions on a live project, rather than reviewing documentation after commitments and decisions have been made.

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