Engineer the future at SEA Global

Joining our team gives you the chance to work on the type of complex and critical projects that keep the world moving. We welcome grand ambition and big ideas that have never been tried before. Ready to change the world?


We work around the world from our home city of Perth, supporting local project teams or delivering remotely

Our office is equipped with the technology to deliver incredible engineering at scale and speed. Every element has been designed to be accessible remotely, enabling seamless project delivery and flexible work practises. SEA Global uses a suite of in-house and third-party software tools to make our work processes fast and frictionless.


A career, not just a job.

To work at SEA Global is to immerse yourself in a fast-paced environment where continuous innovation and learning is the norm. While the challenges we tackle for our clients range in complexity, the way that we solve every one of them is extraordinary. Build your career in an environment that provides continual challenge, relentless professional development and opportunities abound to discover new areas of speciality.


Creative thinking welcome.

We take pride in developing new approaches to technical challenges, and aren’t shy about having a go. We’re happy to tackle what others call unachievable if we believe it can be done. Our success depends on combining engineering principles with creative minds and world-class automation technology. If you’re driven to create and innovate, you’ll thrive in our team of like-minded professionals.


Work with other elite engineers.

As the majority of professional development in the workplace occurs via learning from peers, the knowledge and abilities of the team that you work with have a major influence on your development trajectory. The team at SEA Global represents a critical mass of engineering talent with a thirst for learning and a culture of sharing knowledge with peers. Learn the future of engineering skills from the team who are helping to define it, and grow your capabilities with automated engineering tools by applying them to real world challenges.

Field work

Ownership and responsibility.

The team at SEA Global do their work in a high trust environment, where everyone is encouraged to take responsibility for their part of the bigger picture and are happy to be held accountable for delivering what’s needed. It’s an environment that encourages a leadership mentality from the beginning of a career, and creates a sense of shared ownership in achieving goals and delivering on objectives.


Values drive us forward, to deliver incredible outcomes together

Our values shape the culture of our business; they enable us to perform and grow, to innovate and strive for excellence, and to do so sustainably.

For the challenges worth solving, success can only be achieved as a team

We’re as dedicated to each other as we are to our work. We value each other’s wellbeing, and ensure that all aspects of work remain sustainable. We support each other to achieve shared goals, take pride in our work and celebrate our successes.

Office work

Meet the team changing the world of engineering

Our engineering team comprises a mix of complementary disciplines, including structural, electrical, mechanical, civil and chemical engineering, along with specialists in naval architecture, project delivery, contracts, project controls and administration.

Experience levels range from undergraduate through to seasoned specialists, and yet everyone in the team has the same drive to learn, to help others succeed and to develop the collective capabilities of the team.


Collaborate at the cutting edge to reach your potential

Our graduate development program is designed to help highly capable engineers reach their potential as confident, skilled professionals.

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SEA Global is an equal opportunity employer

We know that our industry has a long way to go and is far from diverse. It’s why we’re mindful of intersectionality and are working to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to embrace engineering as a career.


SEA Global helps excellence be recognised through the annually SUT Scholarship program, and is proud to be active on-campus supporting engineering societies at Curtin University and UWA.

  • WiEMS – Women in Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at UWA
  • Curtin Mechanical Society at Curtin University
  • Curtin Civil Engineering Association at Curtin University

Join the unparalleled.

If you’re ready to create a more efficient, sustainable and intelligent world…

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