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Operations and Integrity Management Excellence

With thousands of kilometres of subsea assets under management, SEA Global leverages automated engineering workflows and comprehensive digital twins to reduce uncertainty, add confidence and accelerate operational and integrity management decisions.


Operators of energy infrastructure and related assets face significant challenges every day. The assets are technically complex, the environment unforgiving and the cost of lost production substantial.

In a world where continuous condition monitoring is becoming the norm, critical infrastructure isolated in a remote environment is managed through targeted, risk-based inspection strategies that require a deeper understanding of the asset in order to forecast future integrity.

Operators regularly make inspection, maintenance and intervention decisions on accelerated timelines. These decisions may have lifelong impact on asset integrity, availability and performance in unexpected ways.


SEA Global supports operational excellence by making a deeper understanding of asset behaviour accessible to asset managers, using world-leading automated digital twin technology.


With the entire asset operational history and future integrity forecasts available at a glance, any inspection findings can be rapidly put in context. Using the ICE Platform to map inspection data against findings from previous campaigns and parameters used during design, SEA Global engineers enable asset operators to monitor their operating envelope with confidence.


Decisions about further inspection, intervention and repair can then be made, taking due account of the uncertainty in future operations by looking through a map of future scenarios generated from inspection findings on the ICE Platform, integrating key data from related domains such as corrosion, materials science, flow assurance and geotechnical engineering where relevant.

Key Milestones

Operational Excellence from Decision Confidence


SEA Global provides rapid, assured support to clients who manage operational assets. Decisions are made faster and with more confidence, enabling significant reductions in risk profile and OPEX. Opportunities to maximise production are identified by mapping operational data streams against design envelopes, and future plans are informed by forward forecasts that use all available data in full detail to deliver unparalleled insights.

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