Engineering that knows no bounds.

No matter the challenge, scale or constraint, SEA Global delivers beyond expectations.


Confident early decisions informed by insights from assessment at scale.

SEA Global’s integrated system modelling philosophy combined with automated engineering on the ICE Platform provide new perspectives on early-phase decisions. Identify trends and sensitivities earlier than ever to highlight which parameters will drive a successful project outcome. With all disciplines managed on one platform, uncover detailed insights and make data-driven decisions from the first moments of your project.


Explore more, to understand beyond.

Decisions in the early phase about capacity and configuration are among the most influential for a project. Leverage automated engineering to explore more configurations, and reach deeper understandings of trade-offs, ultimately providing greater confidence on high-value decisions.

Multidiscipline, holistic excellence.

Our team collaborates using ICE, a multidiscipline automation platform, to identify the high-value, system-wide insights that unlock opportunities, and define the roadmap to realise them.

Automation x Ingenuity.

When guided by experience, ingenuity and expertise of skilled engineers, the repeatability of automated engineering on the ICE Platform enables analysis at scale to reveal new insights and integrated approaches to exploration and optimisation.

Stay ahead of change with rapid, robust engineering workflows on the ICE Platform.

Streamline design and delivery with integrated digital models of your asset. Automated analysis workflows help project teams to reliably outpace rapid changes as design definition develops into fully detailed systems. Understand the options early and manage change proactively to assure seamless delivery and schedule certainty.


Predict performance, maintain visibility, and decide without delay.

Operate informed. Optimise reliability, manage risk and maximise asset value by supporting your asset operation with SEA Global’s engineering capability and operational expertise.

Our digital systems support thousands of kilometres of subsea and offshore energy infrastructure. Tightly coupled to analysis workflows, we are able to accelerate the time between inspection and insight, and proactively predict where maintenance efforts should be focussed.

Reach a deeper understanding of your asset and achieve operational excellence in collaboration with SEA Global’s engineering team, backed by the revolutionary ICE Platform.


A holistic approach to solution development, when the only certainty is uncertainty.

SEA Global’s unparalleled approach to engineering enables strategic challenges to be explored without constraint.

Where others step back from the scale or complexity of a challenge, our team leaps forward to develop innovative problem-solving approaches, coupling large datasets and what-if scenarios with economic and multi-physics models to derive high-value insights.

Our approach empowers client subject matter experts to become active collaborators, playing a crucial role in guiding a rapid solution process.

As your trusted partner, SEA Global will help map the top contours of potential solutions to your challenge, then dive deep into the areas of strategic interest to gain insight and realise opportunities.


The ICE automated engineering platform represents the next generation in computer-aided engineering (CAE).

Leveraging the power of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence, ICE empowers teams to test and alter designs across disparate disciplines in a single unified platform. Explore beyond the horizon — achieve detailed insights and make data-driven decisions from the first moments of your project. With the ICE platform, we can run thousands of repeatable risk-free experiments to reveal insights, realise opportunities and rapidly innovate to deliver immense value to your engineered project.

Join the unparalleled.

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